The Management

A family owned business, is now run by second generation. Professionalism, commitment and vision of top management are the main contributors to the company's remarkable success and growth.

Management guides the company with its vision; where customer and customer's will is given preference over anything else. No wonder if BRM has formed an expanded but loyal family of customers that every member of the company cares for.

Mr. Jahangir Aziz Malik
Responsible for expansion projects and strategic decision making.

Mr. Karim Aziz Malik
As CEO, he is also involved in both strategic and executive decision making.Responsible for Financial & Sales policy decision.

Mr.Ilyas Aziz Malik
As a member of board of directors, he is Involved in strategic decision making.

Mr. Sohail Sultan
Director Marketing & Operations
As a member of board of directors, responsible for international marketing and day-to-day operations of the company.